New Style Bedroom Decoration: Blue Ocean

New Style Bedroom Decoration: Blue Ocean - New style bedroom decoration is most wanted by the people whether it is by online rumah minimalis type 36 72 or by offline. They try to get best new style designs to decorate their bedroom. One of the designs is the bedroom design with theme Blue Ocean. These are some steps in applying Blue Ocean design in your bedroom.

The first thing should be considered in this new style bedroom decoration is painting. This is the most important thing in room decoration. In this room design, we use blue as the dominant color. It can be added by variation of blue color such as soft blue or dark blue. The blue color really creates an impressive ocean outlook. The second thing is lighting. Many people give least attention for this decoration, whereas it is very vital. In this design, using figural lamps which is filled with shells will add more real atmosphere of beach. You can also read about bedroom design in this site.

The third important thing is room accessories. Collecting ocean print and sea shells will help you to bring out the beach in to your bedroom. Then, you may give an attention to your bed. It is the one that adds whole beach appearance in to the bedroom. Try to choose chocolate color which is indicated as the sand in the beach. By applying these important steps, you will successfully apply new style bedroom decoration in your bedroom.